12 February 2008

Give GPs a break

Some decades ago when Mrs Grumble was a very junior GP she used to have to spend a working holiday in Lochgoilhead. It's not a very big place and there was only one GP. Going on holiday used to be difficult for a single-handed GP. You couldn't just abandon your patients. That's why Mrs Grumble had to do it. Quite a lot of pressure was put on her because otherwise the poor incumbent couldn't have a break. But now GPs can take a break - whether there is somebody available to do their work or not. These days, out-of-hours, it's the job of the NHS to provide a doctor. And here's how they do it in Scotland. It's not cheap. Not a very good deal for the government that new contract. The government just did not know how much GPs used to have to put themselves out to provide a round-the-clock service for their patients. Dr Grumble knew. But nobody listens to Dr Grumble.

This was originally posted on 7th January 2007 under the title Giving GPs a break. It's been reposted now in recognition of the latest government attack on GPs.

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dearieme said...

"We try to find the balance between providing safe cover and no cover."
One would, wouldn't one?