27 June 2008

Companies run by nurses to compete with GPs

That's the rumour anyway. We will have to wait for Lord Darzi's report on Monday to see if it's true. It sounds crackers to Dr Grumble but he will hold fire until he sees the detail. Apparently you will be able to see the report launched online here. But that will be no good to Dr Grumble. He will be in a busy clinic. It's a shame they don't release these things on a Friday. Perhaps then you could find time to read them. Maybe they don't want you to. Maybe there will be a press statement making it all sound wonderful before anybody has had a chance to read the detail. We shall see.

This government has never liked GPs. This government has failed to realise that GPs and not nurses are the key to delivering quality care. This government has failed to realise that, since the inception of the NHS, GPs have laid the NHS an enormous golden egg. Patients like GPs. This government will pay the price.


S said...

Nursing will become an 'all graduate profession!'

How can be Dr G?!

Will doctors become extinct?

S said...

They are pushing the GPs to do a dentist?

mcd7m said...

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Garth Marenghi said...

very worrying indeed,

patients may well be as satisfied with these nusre led centres as with their failed ISTC THRs as long as they are given a short wait, a nice cup of tea and a service with a smile!