24 September 2008

The worst is yet to come

Politicians are puzzled at why staff and patients are so critical of what they are doing to the NHS. They really cannot understand it. Yet some rational people within the NHS cannot understand what the goverment is trying to achieve. Here's what Gill George has to say on the topic.


No One said...

she is a raving communist nutter

who will not entertain open or free debate

and deletes any comments on her web site which point out the factual inaccuracies or poor arguments

the nhs is screwed but i wouldnt see her helping patients get better treatment

she wants the nhs to go the way of british leyland

Anonymous said...

I find it highly unlikely that they will actually close hospitals.

As far as getting trusts out of debt it seems like a good idea.

Anonymous said...

This seems a pretty accurate assessment to me. I think the plan is to wreck Nhs so thoroughly that the public call for it's end.