14 May 2009

Agenda item

OK. The NHS is not perfect but Dr Grumble thinks this man has lost the plot. By a strange turn of fate, Dr Grumble has actually met Dr Sikora while treating a relative of his. Do think that would have been private treatment or NHS? Dr Grumble is not going to say. There are some confidences you must keep. If it was NHS then Dr Sikora cannot really believe that NHS treatment is that bad. If it was private Dr Grumble should be flattered because choice was being exercised.


Jobbing Doctor said...

Professor Sikora has been a stormtrooper for the privatisers for rather too long now, decreasing his valuable work in medicine to a series of ranting right-wing diatribes.

He is a senior figure in the only UK private 'University' in the UK.

About as relevant as 'Doctor' Neil Bacon.

He should be pitied, not listened to.

Anonymous said...

You are right, Dr G. He has an agenda. He is medical director of CancerPartnersUK.