15 August 2009

The inverse care law

Those most likely to need good healthcare are the least likely to receive it.

JT Hart, The inverse care law, Lancet 1 (1971), pp. 405–412.

The [NHS] still operates as a gift economy despite the most vigorous efforts of governments to change it into a business.
Dr Julian Tudor Hart

How do you think Dr Tudor Hart will be voting at the next election?


Axelk said...

Hi. Could I have your email address? I have a proposition for your blog. Thanks

Dr Grumble said...

Thanks Axelk but Dr Grumble does not want to be propositioned.

Julie said...

I think Dr Tudor Hart will have a very difficult time choosing between the Tories and Labour; there is barely a fag paper's width between them on health policy. That is the sad think about the whole 'we love the NHS' Twitter thing this week. The electorate all love the NHS, but it is not finding a voice in the mainstream parties just now. There is a void that needs filled there and I don't know who's going to do it. Both rely so much on party funding from private health concerns and PFI consortia that it's going to take a whole new broom to be the voice of the NHS again.

Dr Grumble said...

Absolutely Julie. When it comes to the NHS there is a disconnect between what the pubic wants and what the main parties want to deliver.

Anonymous said...

But don't forget Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, all showing that we don't have to follow the Westminster Parties like sheep. All 3 are more worth watching than England, the problem is to find any national news source that recognises our existence.

Dr Grumble said...

Anybody who has ever lived outside London will know how you feel anonymous. Dr G is aware that there is hope outside England. Some of the bloggers make up for the Londoncentric main media. Julie for example. And the Witch Doctor.