18 May 2011

Poll on NHS Reforms

Dr Grumble is not clever enough to do a poll but a colleague has emailed this.


Dr Grumble said...

Russell Lutchman was the author of the poll so thanks goes to him.

The QR code is a cunning device of his to enable you to pick up the code on a mobile phone. This is supposed to help those of you who have to contend with hospital IT systems that do not allow you to view such things. Unfortunately you are also unlikely to be able to view Dr Grumble either so in this context it probably doesn't help.

Dr Grumble said...

Some criticism from the Guardian:

While Dr Grumble offers a highly unscientific poll on the NHS (sample question: The Coalition is ignoring its own best evidence and expert opinion in order to railroad the changes. Do you agree?)

It's a fair comment but all is fair in love and war. We are not trying to be scientific. Certainly the NHS reforms have no scientific basis.