01 February 2009

Personal Health Budgets

Dr Grumble has some serious questions about Personal Health Budgets. So, it seems, do those responsible for their implementation.

And, after an awayday in a posh London hotel, most of these people think it will be more difficult than they thought (pdf).

Dr Grumble thinks it will be extremely difficult. He fears it will be more money down the drain. But nobody listens to Dr Grumble. So we are stuck with this silly idea.

But don't just accept what Grumble says. Read all about Personal Health Budgets here.

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Garth Marenghi said...

Dr grumble is again spot on.

Much like PBC, C&B et al, personal health budgets will see any potential gains of their introduction massively countered by the huge increase in paperwork that their introduction neccessitates.

It's another bureaucratic gimmick designed by idiots.

Ironically this government have encouraged patients away from private health care, which is one thing they should not be doing as this could take a bit of strain off the NHS.

In surgery for example the 18 week pathway is resulting in people going public who otherwise would have gone private.

If this government had brains it would be encouraging people privately in a way that saved the NHS money.