07 November 2009

Where is Central London?

Date: 11 November 2009
Venue: Central London
Time: 6.30pm

Dr Grumble hopes to go to this. The audience will follow the meeting between the Home Secretary and the remaining members of the Advisory Council which should make things rather interesting.

If you would like to book a place email your name, job title/profession and contact email to: events@crimeandjustice.org.uk



dearieme said...

"a march of scientists". And medics too?

Dr Grumble said...

Does that mean you don't think doctors are scientists, Dearieme?

dearieme said...

Most whom I've met aren't. But I'm not sure that many would claim to be scientists.

Dr Grumble said...

This week Dr Grumble will be lecturing to GPs. He will be showing them the results of research to inform their practice. The practice of medicine depends on science. Doctors have to understand that science. That, in Grumble's book, makes doctors scientists.

David Nutt is being referred to as a scientist but he is also a doctor. People trust doctors but not, strangely, scientists. On the other hand people who do medical research are revered.

I fear that the public think that scientists are slightly mad dangerous people who sit in labs with bubbling test tubes and that doctors are people who magically make them better. Some doctors do both.

One of Dr Grumble's children is a medical student and has been in Cambridge this weekend presenting his research conducted in Brazil. Dr Grumble's oldest child is an F1 doctor. He has done research on behavioural genetics. Probably neither would call themselves scientists but they are in a way. And Dr Grumble has clinical scientists who work for him.

Dr Aust said...

Dr G, I've re-quoted a fair-sized chunk of your excellent post "Does Alan Johnson keep a gun?", with attribution, in a post on the Nutt case and the presentation and use of risk information:

Kneed in the nutts - or shot in the foot?

Dr Grumble said...

I spotted it, Dr Aust. Thanks for the compliments.

Dr Grumble said...

Over 450 appeared in the end at this meeting. If you weren't one of them there is a video here.