06 March 2010

Why we don't know what is going on

Dr Grumble has to be honest. Sometimes he talks up some of the videos he wants you to watch. People who read blogs want something short and snappy. Some of the videos Dr G would like to have you watch are quite long. And some of them have not been watched by that many people on YouTube implying, perhaps, that they are not exactly riveting.

This next video won't be oversold. It has been viewed just 300 times on YouTube which is pathetic. It is not short and it is not snappy. But if you want to find out why it is that so few people know what our government is doing to our NHS you can find out here:


The Shrink said...

His account of the concealed information in Board meetings, FT meetings, Wakefield's case needing the FoI ACT to access censored information resonates and is indeed grim.

I think it's telling that it's health that are obfuscating the truth here, in contrast to main stream media reporting inaccurately.

Anonymous said...

ah now


Editor Socialist Press
Editor Socialist Organiser
Information Director/Editor, London Health Emergency (pro-NHS pressure group

I thought Dr Grumble didnt rate universitys outside the old inner sanctum so called elite ones? humble lanchester poly merits a post on your site? unless it suits your agenda it seems

StudentODP said...

Anon, the lecture makes clear an opposition to to privatisation - he mentions membership of a pressure group (LHE) in the lecture and a broadly socialist leaning is evident.

The point, though, is that the news of the privatisation is, as the Shrink says, either obsfuscated or ignored meaning therefore that there is no democratic process whereby we (whether Left, Right or Monster Raving Loony leaning)are involved or even aware of the process until it is too late and the NHS is gone, this is not an issue of socialism v capitalism; the government should be able to privatise the NHS if that is the platform on which they have been elected, but a government elected on promises to protect the NHS should not be allowed to do it in sectred without serious challenge.

If you do support the privatisation of the NHS then surely you would want it done by someone with the confidence of their convictions to do it publicly, and I imagine you would support a less grubbily corrupt form of capitalism than that championed by NewLabour.

StudentODP said...

(Must start proofreading! Don't you have an edit function?)

Dr Grumble said...

Yes, StudentODP. The government has every right to privatise if the process is democratic. But we all know that it is being done by stealth without any real debate.

It may be that Dr Grumble is being a bit one-sided but given that the Grumble side of the story is really not being told isn't that reasonable. And if people don't agree they are free to make comments here as anonymous often does.