26 March 2011

Who believes in fairies?

A dead fairy.

Here's a quote from Andrew Lansley:
Nowhere in England are [cancer survival rates] as good as they are right across Sweden. You are twice as likely to die of a heart attack in this country as you are in France.

And now one from David Cameron:
We have fallen behind the rest of Europe. We spend similar amounts of money but we are more likely to die of cancer or heart disease.

Lies or statistics? If you don't know listen to this.

Our political masters have no reason to lie to us. Do they believe in fairies?


English Pensioner said...

Who? I'm tempted to say those working in the NHS, particularly in Administrative roles.
Survival rates from strokes and heart attacks are probably very good if you have one between say 9am and 4 pm on a week day. If you have one Friday evening, you might as well call for your priest (or cleric of choice), because the chance of real treatment, allowing for all the drunks in A&E, is infinitesimal (to use an acceptable word). No expert will be available until Monday morning, neither will there be anyone available to give scans and the like.

Anonymous said...

Dear Grumble,
Thanks for sharing this. The BMA passed a motion that stated: "That this Meeting deplores the government’s use of misleading and inaccurate information to denigrate the NHS, and to justify the Health and Social Care Bill reforms ..."
I've followed this up by looking at those areas where the NHS excels on the international stage here: http://abetternhs.wordpress.com/2011/03/29/the-nhs-excellence-and-efficiency/

Dr Grumble said...

We should thank you, abetternhs, for your excellent post which I spotted a few moments ago.

There is, of course, a reason why this government, like the previous government, keeps denigrating the NHS in this way. Unfortunately a few naive souls believe what they are being told about how bad the NHS is but I think the majority of the public realise that they are getting good value for money from their health service and, as you have pointed out, compared with other countries we are very satisfied with our system of healthcare.

It upsets me to see the government trying to mislead the public so that they can get away with forcing the NHS down a neoliberal path which most of us simply don't want.

Dr Grumble said...

Some comments are not appearing as they should. Here's one I have just received from Greedly Lansley:

Dr Grumble - can you do another post to publicise this....


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