07 April 2009

Need or profitability?

Big Business has never succeeded in making a profit from the medical care of poor people. If you are looking for profitability in healthcare you need to contrive to make the wealthy worried well even more worried and in the process milk as much money as you can out of them. If you are a government looking for cost-effective healthcare this approach is, of course, a nonsense. Cost-effective healthcare needs to be provided on the basis of need. This is not rocket science. It is utterly obvious. Why do so many people argue otherwise? Dr Grumble will leave that for you to work out for yourself. Is there any hope that our government will start heading down the right road? Not if you believe the line Dr Grumble morosely took in his last post. But, in the depth of his despair, Dr Grumble thought he would reminisce about how the NHS started and he come across this video of a lecture by Dr Julian Tudor Hart which ends in a wonderful message of hope.

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the a&e charge nurse said...

I enjoyed that.

An antidote to the rather gloomy mood pervading the medical blogs for some time now.

Let's hope he's right