03 April 2009

Surgery poorer at treatment centre

The article is here. But will any of those in power take any notice?

Some may not be able to access the full article. You can find a summary here (scroll down a bit) and there's a news article here.


jayann said...

Yes, I remember that. -- I mean, I already knew about the problem though didn't know about the research and report. (A hand surgeon here, a very good one, made a very public fuss about the policy very early on, and got shut up. He didn't though get sacked or anything like that. So, perhaps more relatively secure consultants should speak out.)

But NB the Western Mail's

to avoid waits of up to five years for surgery at Llandough Hospital

I waited more than 4 years to see a spinal surgeon then got an appointment -- *with a different one* -- simply because the Welsh Labour Party were running scared come a General Election (or rather, Blair was and told Peter Hain to give them a good kicking). *Something* had to be done. And though they say waits are shorter now, I still wait meekly, for a year, before doing anything about the fact that I haven't even had a letter from a hospital about anything. -- they're fiddling the waiting list figures.

So I am hanging on to my 'only covers parts of me' BUPA policy!

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