10 April 2010

£3 per week drivel

Dr Grumble did imply that as an election neared this blog would become more political. It has not really been the case so far. For those of us concerned with the NHS the battle between the parties is something of a phoney war. As Dr Aust has pointed out, it is hard to get a cigarette paper between New Labour and the Tories on their attitude towards the NHS. Yet the way forward can seem clear to MPs of all persuasions who examine problems of the NHS dispassionately in committee. But the major parties remain oblivious to the problems and New Labour and old Tory blunder on with their misguided markets. Read the Health Committee's report (pdf) and you will see that there are obvious better ways forward. Publicity about the findings of the Health Committee has been scant. Despite the potential to save enormous sums of money, vital issues are not being discussed. Few of Dr Grumble's colleagues, though they share the views of the Health Committee, are even aware of their latest findings. With an election imminent the mainstream media content themselves with peddling political drivel. There is no focus on the key issues which matter. Journalists and politicians seem in cahoots. Trivia is what they like. The electorate deserves better. And if the public feel the same way as Dr Grumble it is the Tories who will pay the price. They are the ones banging on about change. When it comes to the NHS they are the ones offering more of the same - but worse.

In lieu of policies that matter we are now being fed silly policies that don't matter. The Tories, as we know, are a party in favour of marriage. Being an old fart Dr Grumble does understand the point. He can see the follies of these feckless young people with serial partners instead of a life-long spouse but what has the proposed payment of £3 per week got to do with this? Is it really the job of the state to pay people to stayed married? And will £3 per week do it? How much ironing can you get done for £3 per week?


Dr Aust said...

Dr Evan Harris, one of the fairly small number of modern British politicians I have any respect for, has been characterising this amusingly on Twitter as:

"The price of a pint of Stella a week to stay married".

Of course, As Any Fule Kno, surviving modern family life requires application of rather more than one Stella/wk... see e.g. the popular TV show Outnumbered - which vaguely resembles family life Chez Aust, though we have more yelling.

Anonymouse said...

is there old and new f**ts? What's the difference?