03 April 2010

Everybody knows

Everybody may know but still not everybody stops smoking. Dr Grumble was always taught that to persuade people to stop smoking you need to highlight the positive aspects of quitting.

Do you think this video will work?


Anonymous said...

Absolutely right. Videos like this have never worked, it's still too remote. "It will never happen to me' is how we get through life, after all.
I didn't give up until one day I heard a chap on the radio saying:

'why talk in terms of 'giving up?'. You give up nothing. What you gain is freedom. You don't have to worry about when you can have your next cigarette, whether you have enough money to buy a packet, whether you will run out, and you get back your sense of taste and smell. It's ALL gain'

That got me thinking, and I haven't had a cigarette for 30 years. I do have the odd small cigar now and then, but it does not bother me if I don't have one from one week to the next.

Anne Marie said...

No, of course it won't work. This is disempowering. Everyone knows that not everyone does get these diseases amd the randomness of which smoker does and which doesn't makes life feel unfair, and as Anonymous says, allows one to think "it will be happen to me". But the benefits of stopping smoking are real for everyone.

It makes me think that we should be talking more positively about exercise and weight loss in diabetes say. Not only will it decrease the chances of long-term complications, but you will feel better! Soon!