02 May 2010

Turning in graves

Betty hasn't really come up with the goods has she? She likes watching snooker and really has no time for the blog. She is not the only one who likes snooker. Here is a post from Mousethinks:

I was dining with my friend, who is a GP, in a local restaurant one evening when she noticed a chap at a nearby table who seemed familiar to her.

She glanced at him surreptitiously over her glass of wine a few times and then whispered to me "Oh no!! I know him! I think he's one of my patients. I'm sure I've seen him recently." As he was behind me I could not see him and I'm not one for being nosy really, so I didn't turn round to look, I just nodded and smiled.

As our meal progressed however, she became more and more embarrassed at being seen by one of her patients to be out drinking alcohol / eating rich food / socialising with a nurse and, with each course / glass of wine she tried harder to identify the man, hiding behind her menu and whispering loudly to me while she tried to place him.

It was only when we had paid our bill and stood up to leave that I turned around to put on my coat and saw the poor bloke upon whom my friend's attention had been fixated all evening.

He was indeed familiar, although not for the reason she had assumed. He wasn't one of her clients at all. The "patient" who'd been sat next to us all evening was in fact Steve Davis, the snooker player.

A very similar thing happened to Dr Grumble a good few years ago. He was in a pub buying a round of drinks and a young man came to the bar. Dr Grumble recognised his face but couldn't quite place him. Was he a patient? Was he a medical student? Perhaps he should offer to buy him a drink. And then the penny dropped. It was Jimmy White, the snooker player. Loved by all, Jimmy would later be remembered for being always the bridesmaid.

Dr Grumble's mother was bed bound towards the end of her life. So was Betty's mother. Probably neither had ever potted a ball but they both loved watching the snooker. They liked the characters. They liked the honesty of the game. The players always seemed so decent.

Can you be struck off as a snooker player?

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