05 February 2011

Dr Grumble wins

What a surprise! Dr Grumble has apparently been voted Britain's best health blog - the first time Grumble has won a competition he didn't even enter. So a very big thank you to all those readers who took the trouble to vote and to the sponsors, the Clinic Compare Editorial Team. Dr Grumble is very touched. To absolutely frank, he is not at all sure he deserves this award but he is very pleased all the same. And he is looking forward to the prize - a crate of Virgin wine!


subrosa said...

Well deserved if I may say so. I must admit to a slight pang of jealousy when I read of your prize. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your well deserved prize.

The sponsor is an interesting one, being a price comparison website for private procedures. I shall see who of my Borchester colleagues feature.

Mind you google ads is putting bottled water ads on my blog, rather missing my point!

Enjoy your wine.

Dt Phil

Dr No said...

Dr G - we all know you are a good blogger - you don't need to win prizes to prove it. You also have, for what it is worth, one of the higher google page rank scores amongst us regular UK medical bloggers.

Of more 'interest' is what Clinic Compare are, and what they get up. Whilst I don't for a moment doubt that you came top in their poll, they don't say how many votes were cast...of course, at least one must have been...but how many others?

The second and perhaps even more 'interesting' observation is that, unlike Boots' assessment, CC isn't actually a price comparison website, it is a harvest your email address and telephone number website. If you do a 'search', you don't get any data, just a concluding page that says they'll call you! Bingo! They now have a mailing/telephone list of people interested in all manner of 'jobs'!

Seems precious close to a phishing scam to me - and they have virally marketed themselves through the high page ranking Dr G! Very clever!

Welcome to Lansley's New World of private competitive healthcare...

witchdoctor said...

Congratulations Dr G for being a great blogger. All the witches and black cats know you are and we would all love you even if the 'Clinic Compare" voters had given you the thumbs down.

Did you know they have a naked woman on their home page?

There, that'll get some hits for CC.

Eh, My Black Cat?

Dr Grumble said...

Oh dear, Dr No. I fear you are right. Thanks for pointing it out. I did know that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Or, it seems, free wine.

I was going to joke that they were an organisation trying to find out where Dr Grumble lived and his real name but, if what you say is correct, they are after other people's names and addresses.

Keen though he is on wine, Dr Grumble has not actually been in touch to claim his prize.

Perhaps Dr G should thank you all for your kind comments and then take this post down.What do you all think?

Dr Grumble said...

Ah, WD, too! Your Black Cat would know what is going on. Perhaps you should caste a spell on CC.

It's very easy to be flattered into things. Dr G should have known better.

I am off to see another play tonight. This page may well disappear tomorrow.

And it's goodbye to all that wine!

Witchdoctor said...

You could let it run for a while yet, Dr G. After all there are witches up and down the land who would be up for the facial rejuvenation Clinic Compare seem to have on offer.

And My Black Cat is keen to have a PET scan. Just for fun, of course.

Dr No said...

Do hope the play isn't Lear!

Dr No hopes WD's BC might be able to dream up a Hustle-type solution - you get the wine and CC get their just deserts. Failing that, Dr No would probably beware virgin(s) bearing gifts...only because he knows how seductive they can be!

Sam said...

I had a feeling you'd get it Dr G, well done! ... I hope you won't drink all this wine in one go, don't want you ending up needing a doctor, or witches to sort you out!

Well deserved, congratulations :-)

Doctor Zorro said...

Congratulations. Shame the prize was not a barrel of real ale.

Anonymous said...

I stopped browsing the site when it wanted my details. It does look like a scam.

It looks like you may need to buy your own refreshment!

Still are a top blogger though!


Dr Phil

Lou said...

excellent. I am not in anyway connected to medicine but love your blog

Dr Grumble said...

Thank you all once again for your very kind comments which are much appreciated.

We are entering a critical time for UK healthcare. The NHS as we have known it is coming to an end. On that, I think, we are all agreed. We might be less agreed on whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.

Our medical masters are often reticent in expressing their views especially if they run counter to government thinking. The government propaganda machine is powerful. And those with vested interests have the resources to make their views known in the corridors of power. This makes the arguments a bit one-sided. Blogging is one way of trying to rectify this balance and have a genuine discussion.

I thank all of you medical bloggers for your blogs. I trust you all. Each of you makes a unique contribution to the medical blogosphere. Please keep at it if you can.

Dr Aust said...

Goodness, Dr G. That last comment sounded a bit like the famous warning speech at the end of Hitchcock's Foreign Correspondent. I hope I can stay employed so I can afford the BUPA instalments.

Anyway, glad you won - you certainly got my vote - even if the poll was a piece of PR, or a kind of phishing. Hope you get the wine.

Dr Grumble said...

Over the years Grumble has made quite a few predictions. Some people who thought his warnings were over the top are now having to eat their hats. I wish it were not so.

The Clinic Compare Team said...

Dear Dr Grumble,

Many congratulations to you for winning the best British Health Blog contest. You received the highest number of votes (36) so deserve the crate of wine. We are happy to send the crate to a PO Box or a friend's address if you want to preserve your anonymity. An alternative might be to send you an electronic wine gift voucher to an anonymous email account you could set up. Let us know how you want the wine.

There seems to be some debate on your site about the authenticity of ClinicCompare.co.uk. We provide a quotation service for people looking for private medical procedures. It works by filling out your details and the site then matches you with relevant clinics and surgeons who provide those procedures. Those clinics will then furnish you with their details and pricing information. We work with over 20 of the leading private healthcare providers in the UK.

We are very careful with people’s personal details and have a strict privacy policy. We are an established London based company with over 30 staff.

Hope that clarifies the situation for you all.

Many congratulations to you Dr. Grumble, whoever you maybe.

The Clinic Compare Team

Dr Grumble said...

Thank you, Clinic Compare Team. You are very kind and I am glad you have clarified what it is that you do.

I will be in touch. It is amazing what Dr Grumble will do for a crate of wine.

And a big thank you to all 36 who voted for Dr Grumble (not actually a high proportion of the Grumble readers as Dr No has pointed out).

It is a shame Dr Grumble is not in a position to share the wine with his blogging friends but he knows the true identity of only two of them.

Dr Grumble said...

In case anybody thinks they can claim the prize by pretending to be Dr Grumble, the wine is already on its way. Whoopee!

Dr Grumble said...

The wine from Virgin has arrived!

Thank you all again!

Dr G