22 November 2008

Why we need bloggers

One of the reasons Dr Grumble blogs is that he does not think that the truth is always told. Journalists rarely do their jobs as they should. They are lazy. They regularly churn out material that is spoon-fed to them. It's no wonder that they can be so hostile to bloggers. If they cannot do the job properly somebody else will. For nothing.

But it is even worse. Dr Grumble has come to the conclusion that newspapers are in cahoots with the government. Just how this happens is, to Grumble at least, unclear. There must be some sort of trading going on. But there is no doubt that it happens. The evidence is there again and again. Of course, you wouldn't expect a newspaper, if you can call it that, like the Daily Mail to be on board with a Labour government. Or would you?

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Anonymous said...

There are clues in wikipedia's description of Paul Dacre:

The current Prime Minister Gordon Brown, though, is reportedly a personal friend of Dacre. In 2002, when Brown was Chancellor of the Exchequer, Dacre commented: "I have an awful lot of admiration for Gordon Brown. I feel he is one of the very few politicians of this administration who's touched by the mantle of greatness". Brown returned the favour to Dacre at an event at the Savoy Hotel which celebrated the tenth anniversary of his editorship of the Mail in 2003. In a video presentation, the then Chancellor of the Exchequer said that Dacre "has devised, developed and delivered one of the great newspaper success stories of any generation" and was "someone of great journalistic skill , an editor of great distinction and someone of very great personal warmth". The Home Secretary David Blunkett was present at the event in person and also praised Dacre.