18 July 2009

The National Portait Gallery

There are rather few pictures on the Grumble blog. It would be nice to give you more but once or twice Dr Grumble's lawyer has warned him about copyright infringements. One particular organisation that objects to Dr Grumble using its images is the National Portrait Gallery. One post had a picture of Sir Cyril Chantler but Dr Grumble had to take it down. Curiously they allow you to link to their website so you can see the picture after one click. It's just that you cannot see it here.

Dr Grumble thinks the attitude of the National Portrait Gallery stinks. They claim that their strategic priorities are:

  • To extend and broaden the range of audiences for the NPG and its work

So you might think that they might like people to look at their pictures. Dr Grumble as a taxpayer has helped pay for this self-centred organisation. If they are going to continue stopping taxpayers using their images the taxpayers should stop funding them .

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