10 July 2009

When to read books

It seems like only yesterday but it was probably 6 years ago that Dr Grumble had a young somewhat green but very able registrar. He seemed a promising sort to Dr Grumble. But then he told Dr Grumble that he did not want to continue. Dr Grumble was perplexed. "I've seen how hard you work, Dr Grumble. I don't want to do that. I want to have time to do things like read books." Those were his exact words. Dr Grumble remembers precisely what he said. He even remembers where he said it. But what Grumble said in reply has left the memory banks. Probably it was along the lines of about having to decide what is important to you and making the appropriate choices on that basis and also something of the positive side to the Grumble work.

A few years have past. Grumble is working harder than before. The earliest clinic in the Grumble hospital now starts at 07.30 hrs. Six years ago it was at 09.00 hrs. Today the clinic was locked shut. Even security aren't in by then. They can make doctors work harder but the support staff are not so malleable. But the delay in getting the clinic unlocked gave Grumble time for this quick post.

What has happened in those short years? One of the Grumble children has gone from being a schoolboy to becoming a doctor. One of Dr Grumble's dearest colleagues has died suddenly and another has just emailed from the other side of the globe saying he is terminally ill. Yet another lies ill not far from Dr Grumble having had a terrible accicent. Sometimes it seems that disaster only strikes the nicest of people. It can't really be like that but it does seem that way.

And what do you think happened to Dr Grumble's disaffected registrar? Can you guess? He has applied for a job working alongside Dr Grumble dealing with the sickest of patients. Whether he will get it or not Dr G has no idea. But if he does he will be pleased. But when is he going to read all those books?

Life is short. Some of us have more time than others. But for all of us books will go unread.


Jobbing Doctor said...

One of things I cannot do at the moment is to read as much as I would like. When I get home, I am some mentally exhausted that my extensive library remains unread (fortunately Mrs JD is a voracious reader).

I have around 3000 books in my house and it will take me years to read them.

That is another treat that retirement will bring!

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