25 January 2011

Carrots and sticks

In the old days consultants had a professional contract. You did whatever you thought was necessary. Now you do what the managers think is necesssary - much of which, of course, is not necessary. Dr Grumble has always been of the view that the taxpayer got a better deal from the old contract. If that seems implausible to you, then watch the video.


guthrie said...

One thing I realised a few years ago was that new labour was wanting to destroy professionalism in any profession that the politicians didn't understand or were not directly accountable to.
Whether this was before or after their brainwashing with managerialism I don't know.

Either way, all professionals who lack organised power such as the police or teachers are susceptible to destruction by managerialism. Consultants are the same, although many people won't have any sympathy for them seeing how much they earn anyway. The gvt cannot afford any opposition to any of its plans by any organised group of non-governmental actors, and I'm sure the current one will keep right on with that.

LittleWanderer said...

superb vid!

Clinic Compare said...

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Single Female Doc said...

Hope the reward for best blog isn;t too big or the quakity may deteriorate!

Dr Grumble said...

Don't worry. If Dr G is lucky enough to win he won't drink it all at once.

E said...

Absoloutly amazing video, Dr.G. On another note they (as in, RSA animate) have some other cracking videos (I love the education one) which is worth mentioning if anyone should see this comment.

Hope you win the award!