20 January 2011

Tiger Country

Nina Raine's play is reviewed here. (Scroll through to 18.00.)


Anonymouse said...

Here is a review Dr G :-)


Anonymous said...

I saw her play Tribes which I thought was brilliant. It is about deafness. I had a stone deaf friend once, David Staehle. (Google him. He is now somebody important in the world of the deaf.) My friendhip gave me some insight into the world of the deaf which came over very well in the play.

I have also heard Nina Raine talk about Tiger Country and it is absolutely clear that she understands the minds of young doctors very well. That is where she is so clever.

The public think doctors are calm, in control and know what to do. But inside they are frightened of messing up. They worry about their patients more than the patients worry about themselves. And they worry about their careers and how they will appear to others. Nina's Tiger Country seems to have captured a lot of this and I am really looking forward to seeing it.