12 May 2008

Healthcare in the UK

The Royal Society of Medicine holds Medicine and Me meetings which are intended to give patients the opportunity to interact with healthcare professionals. At a recent meeting the audience was asked to vote on one of the following:

A patient asked Dr Grumble to publicise the result. Apparently some of the things that the government is trying to do with the health service are not at all popular with patients. The public may be more aware of the Darzi agenda than some doctors think.


Anonymous said...

Gosh, no bias in the choice of questions there then.

If the problem was sufficiently simple that it could be solved or patient's views elicited reliably by questions like this, then we would all have nothing to worry about.

Dr Grumble said...

It was just intended as a bit of fun but it probably does show roughly how people think.

Sadly, though, the government does seem to be deciding policy on shows of hands at meetings. As you point out, Jim, things are more complicated.