14 May 2008

Improving not privatising the NHS

Ben Bradshaw claims the government's proposals are about improving rather than privatising the NHS. He claims that polyclinics are for London where there are special problems and not necessarily for other parts of the kingdom. 

Dr Grumble once worked for a part of the civil service that he thought was being prepared for privatisation. He asked many times if this was the case. Every time the answer was the same. There were 'no plans' for privatisation. But everything that Doc G saw with his own eyes suggested otherwise. The organisation is now a private company.

So Dr Grumble's advice is to read Ben Bradshaw's article very carefully. Look out for what he has not said. And then open your eyes and watch what is happening. Are polyclinics being rolled out as rapidly as possible across the land? Are private contractors being given a head start over existing suppliers? Is Big Business getting its nose in the trough? And are GPs' surgeries close to the homes of the elderly and disabled being moved to large polyclinics, sorry, health centres? Believe what you see with your own eyes and draw your own conclusions.

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