29 May 2008

Save your surgery

Every time Dr Grumble tries to stop blogging there is some new crisis which is of such enormity and great concern that he feels that he just has to do something. The crisis facing every UK citizen at present is the threat facing UK general practice, the jewel in the crown of the NHS.

It may be that if you are young and fit this has passed you by. Quite probably if you are old or disabled or have a chronic medical condition you will know what this is all about. If you don't know read what Russell Brown said in response to a request for clarification to the lawyer brother of a colleague:

When he is elderly and has multiple diseases which need an holistic overview to ensure he receives the best care for him personally, he won't get it if these plans come to fruition. What he will get is a series of "Health care professionals" who will on the whole not be medically trained or, if they are medically trained, will not necessarily be a primary care physician. Consequently he is likely to end up seeing a different person every time he has to visit with no-one taking overall responsibility for the care he is receiving.

If you want to do something to try and prevent these changes sign the petition. If everybody who reads this signs it will be enough to make a difference. And please tell your friends.

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