11 January 2009

Call for better diabetes services.

Hospital doctors and patients have united to call for better diabetes services in Warwickshire. Now that's a laudable aim. The Asian community are particularly vulnerable and with that in mind the Apnee Sehat project was set up locally with the intention of addressing lifestyle issues in Britain's South Asian community. It drew the attention of Prince Charles. Here's a picture of him shaking hands with a nice looking Asian lady. Now who might that be?

Below's a picture of a group from Apnee Sehat outside somebody's front door. Do you recognise the front door? Do you think that might be the same Asian lady? She must be very well connected.

And could that be the very same lady with John Prescott?

And is that her yet again with Rosie Winterton? Who could she be?

Goodness me, there she is again with Prince Charles.

This lady, whoever she is must be quite something. She must be very highly regarded by the great and the good. That must be because she is trying to help vulnerable people at particular risk. How would she know which people are most at risk? Would she need a database? Perhaps getting in contact with local Asian diabetics and offering to help them would be a way forward. But that might just be difficult. You need to be careful with data. Dr Grumble has only just learned that it is against the law to share your smartcard though some trusts are said to have sanctioned this practice. Curiously enough in Warwickshire.


sam said...

Her integrity, compassion and clinical abilities were never in question Dr G. However, if she was indeed being hunted, she gave them the opportunity to sack her on a plate buy transferring those files. The appeal panel can only go by the documents in front of them and it seems she was unable to prove she was being pursued in a vindictive manner, if indeed this was the case. But to the appeal panel, those documents in front of them proved that she did breech confidentiality despite 'repeated' warning .. It is such a shame!

Two wrongs don't make a right and no one is immune from the law! It is a lesson for doctors to take note of .. as for this Dr, I hope she finds a better post that will appreciate her calibe as a caring and able doctor.

Anonymous said...

Dr G

I believe you do her a disservice by printing these pictures. Of course, as we all know hob nobbing with the rich and famous is not a default reason to keep someone in their job. I think the best reference for SB is from her patients.

She has some nice saries by the way - but her ability to fight a good battle is hampered by her requirement to be politically correct. She should never have been sacked of course and I think a mere slap on the wrists would have been enough. That said, Sam above is partially right. Being a victim is not getting her anywhere. This case should have been wrapped up by her lawyers by countersuing the Trust. I doubt she will play a tactical game but then she never does. She plays a game that says " Hey, look I am the sitting duck, come get me". The problem is this - the Trust board were out to get her, have been out to get her for years, she has given them ammo to get at her - and now the situation has become so complex that getting out of this situation will be hell on earth.

A simple issue can become extremely complex. I should know - as I fought the right to link to a public document on the internet with the GMC stretching GMP to the limits that no one has ever seen before. You start playing that sort of game - it isn't the right thing to sit around being a victim.

So, SB needs a good lawyer, Queens Counsel. She needs to accelecerate her defence and she needs to stop backing down. Of course, she won't listen to me - she never does.


Anonymous said...

All sort of rumours are circulating about this case. It has been suggested that the problem was that a deceased patient's relatives had been contacted. Unfortunately this happens quite often. The reason it happens is the the lack of the sharing of data. One part of the system knows the patient has died but data controls prevent the other part having this key information.