08 January 2009

Shirine Boardman

Warwick Hospital has upheld its sacking of Shirine Boardman a consultant in diabetes who in 2006 won a best practice award for her Apnee Sehat Project. You can read the story here.


Anonymous said...

a great shame for Dr Boardman and for the diabetics of south Warwickshire. Shame on the Warwick hospital management;wonder what else Dr Boardman might have done to pi$$ off the managers so they looked for an excuse?
ex GP in Coventry

Anonymous said...

People who are sacked are often sacked for a reason other than the one that is given. Often they are a thorn in the management's side. I wonder if this is relevant:

Diabetes patients and consultants at Warwick Hospital are calling on the county's health authority to improve services.

Members of the South Warwickshire Diabetes UK support group have written to Warwickshire Primary Care Trust asking for a public consultation. They are unhappy with the way the service is run and want more involvement to ensure patients’ needs are met.

“I think that everyone who is diagnosed with diabetes should be referred to a consultant at first. I don’t have a problem with being treated at a surgery but there should be a back-up plan if something goes wrong.”

Miss Wolsey’s consultant at Warwick Hospital is Dr Shirine Boardman. She and her colleagues are backing the call for a public consultation.

She said: “We would like more specialist services in the community and to be working more closely with the GPs and patients. The more dialogue we have the faster things can improve.

No One said...

care for diabetics in the west midlands AND warwick is shit, too much work by nurses with limited knowledge, too little time with consultants, too few pumps, too much depends on having a decent GP and thousands dont

the nhs is just a fucking dictatorship, and they handle patients complaints in the same way, a gentle nudge along the legal route from a patient will result in overpowering fire power from the nhs in terms of teams of barristers etc which an ordinary patients is unlikley to be able to fund an equal match, so many genuine patient concerns get smashed and patients ruined as they push for costs every fucking time

evil really, no other words for it

id love to see a genuine independant audit of patient compaints too, as the current processes are just lined up to win every time, and create white wash, sweet fuck all is ever learnt and changed

and the pretence that they are winning cos they are correct has long disappeared

why should you be surprised medics are treated so badly, the patients have been telling you how badly they treat people for ages

etc etc

Andy Cowper said...

Incredibly unfortunate incident, and indeed decision. Apnee Sehat has been a significant success.

The news report is silent on whether this was a first offence. Was dismissal really proportionate to the offence? As in, is it suggested that the patient records were any less secure in the Apnee Sehat data set?

Governance over patient data is clearly important. I read a report (Late August or early September 2008) in Health Service Journal about an unofficial survey of 105 colleagues by two anonymous doctors as a “top London hospital” which found that three-quarters of them carried unsecured memory sticks with confidential data.

Although such memory sticks are permitted, their access should be protected by passwords. Just five of the 79 memory sticks with confidential information were protected in this way.

I wonder how many consultants would be 100% Caldicott-compliant?

Anonymous said...

This is a real shame. Dr Boardman treated me for PCOS and I think she is exceptional. She is committed, caring, enthusiastic and most of all inspires confidence. A terrible decision. I hope she continues to practice privately in the area.

Dr Grumble said...

Dr Grumble has been reading between the lines of this case but did not want to publish in full his interpretation of the likely sequence of events. Some of what he had surmised has now been revealed here.