23 January 2009


If you don't like negative politics do not click here.

Did you click? Probably you did. If you didn't the link is to a rather negative video about Gordon Brown on a blog written by Rachel Joyce. Rachel is a doctor. She is also the Conservative Party Candidate for Harrow West.

Dr Grumble sometimes comments on these political blogs but his comments do not always appear. Perhaps the blog owners find Grumble's comments offensive.

Grumble has wised up to this censorship. He now keeps a copy of his comments. Below is the comment Dr Grumble made in response to Rachel's negative post about Gordon Brown. Is it obscene? Is it offensive? Are the points made unreasonable? Judge for yourself.

Many of the things in the video have a ring of truth about them but a strategy of negative politics is high risk. Your post should have been accompanied by a well researched account of how the Conservatives had anticipated all of this and issued appropriate warnings. It is not just you, Rachel. This is a major problem for your party and, presumably, why Gordon has gone up in the polls while the economy has gone down.

We have had the same problem with other Labour blunders like Iraq. When people like Dr Grumble wince at New Labour's policies we look to the Conservatives and wince yet again. We need a real opposition who can think for themselves, see when mistakes are being made before and not after they happen and can formulate better policies.

That's your problem, Rachel. Tell David.
OK. Perhaps it is offensive. But it is true.


Anonymous said...

Just looked at the video.

I think you are too kind on it. It's great stuff for a laugh with a pint, or for the third form, but it damages the credibility of the wannabe MP who puts it on her blog.

The presentation degrades the message too. Brown's mismanagement of the economy defies rational belief:-

The raid on the pension funds
Selling the gold
Screwing up financial regulation of the City
Throwing good money after bad

Of course, every Labour government in history has buggered up the economy and taken us deeply into debt:

Ramsay McDonald
Clement Attlee
Harold Wilson
Jim Callaghan

All ended up in financial disaster.

Like you, I wish I had confidence in the "others". There is some class in Hague and Clarke, but politically they are poles apart. Vince Cable impresses. The three would make an interesting coalition government. Shades of Ramsay M.

But it's going to be Brown and his darling until the bitter end and they are hopeless beyond words. We just have to hope the IMF comes in and takes over (as they did in the 1970s) sooner rather than later before we are all truly screwed.


Julie said...

A bit too smart aleck for my liking. It doesn't scan well either. Reminds me of that conference where Virginia Bottomley? sang a made up political song and disappeared into a black hole of embarrassment in the conference hall. I remember Jeremy Paxman introducing it on Newsnight saying,' This was so exquisitely embarrassing, that we just had to play it all again..

subrosa said...

Nothing offensive about that comment. She was lucky to get one so positive in its criticism!

And you were bang on with your points!