22 August 2008

Advice for Gordon 7

Here's another old post for you, Gordon. You might have missed it. You were busy at the time. It was first published on 25th May 2007 when Dr Grumble had high hopes. Do you think you have met his expectations, Gordon? Think it over - reflective practice.

Health workers 'Sick to death of constant change'

Who is saying this? The Tories? No, it's Labour! Things are changing. Is it the impending new leadership? It must be. Dr Grumble has been told on many occasions that health policy is made in Downing Street. And there's not much listening done in today's Number 10. Let's hope tomorrow's will be different. Dr Grumble thinks it will.

Harriet Harman, daughter of a distinguished St Thomas' physician.
'Government overlooked potential of NHS doctors ...to reform,' says Harriet.


Jobbing Doctor said...

Dear Grumble,

I really hope you are right. Grim experience suggests to me that there are none so deaf as those who don't want to hear.

For them to rescue the NHS would mean abandoning the privatisation project, and I suspect they are all too committed and deep in to acknowledge what 'Grumbles' and 'Jobbing Doctors' are telling them.

By the time they have realised their mistake, Labour will be a rump party, JD will have retired and may be working in Africa.

What will grumble be doing?

Dr Grumble said...

Dr G concurs. His hopes in Gordon Brown were sadly misguided. He is now suspicious that he has been the architect of much of what has gone wrong in the NHS - such as PFI and privatisation.

Dr Grumble has also thought of working in Africa when he retires. He very nearly did a post on that very topic.

There is a vocational element to medicine. Many of us are not just out for ourselves.

The NHS used to run on our good will. But that has now been destroyed. It's so sad.