23 August 2008

Darzi fact or Darzi fiction?

When it comes to Darzi and his robots it is difficult to tell where truth ends and satire begins. Here he is in his virtual polyclinic:

Below are his Japanese students with their latest venture. If you watch carefully you will see a headless Darzi who is already secretly planning a spin-off company to develop what every man needs, la femme parfaite.

And, if you are quick, you can see Darzi's robot doing a ward round here. Truth or fiction? Darzi Irish blarney or Darzi the Whitehall mandarin? Maybe Dr Grumble will wake up soon and find it is all a dream. Every one of them.


Jobbing Doctor said...

A Jenny Agutter robot.



S said...

Can't you see the joke?! She's a fake! Virtual reality so, fiction .. I think :)

... and which 'Gordon' are you talking to these days Dr G? Brown or Ramsey?

Lol ;)