29 August 2008

Grumble on the 'outskirts of the internet'

The Trust managers would like Dr Grumble to write something for the Health Service Journal. It's important to them. Dr Grumble hasn't even got a subscription. After all it's not exactly a mainline journal. But he was able to access this mention of Dr Grumble. It's not quite praise for Dr Grumble. In fact they describe poor Grumble as being on the 'outskirts of the internet'. The outskirts! Hmm.

But the truth of the way they are really thinking is further down in the HSJ article. HSJ blogs are about to go live. But will they be alive? We all know that the official blogs are turgid and boring. Darzi's effort is probably an example but Dr G gave up reading it a long time ago so he can't really say. Will the HSJ be able to do any better? We shall see.

Anyway, despite being on the 'outskirts of the internet' these people know that bloggers are important. They know people read and believe what we write. And that's why Dr Grumble does his best to tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


Jobbing Doctor said...

Good luck, Grumble.

You are clearly being favoured by the Cyber-commissars.

Nobody is interested in what JD says, poor thing.

Anonymous said...

I suspect you haven't been around long enough. These people, being managers, are very slow to catch up.

heidikraut said...

I don't think Dr Grumble is being accused of being on the outskirts of t'internet - it is directed at people reading the magazine who may still be on the outskirts and have yet to learn what a blog is.

Dr Grumble said...

Quite right, Heidikraut. Read the article too quickly and took offence too readily. Just when Dr G promises the truth he lets his readers down!

But the strength of blogging is that when this happens somebody can instantly put you right. And generally they do.

Perhaps you remember Potentilla who was expert at spotting inaccuracies and had an important role in shaping the Grumble blog.

heidikraut said...

Dr Grumble, when submitting your piece to this mag I would email it from an internet cafe or get someone else to email it from an internet cafe.

Anonymous said...

Dr G, do you dine out like the managers?

Anonymous said...

Dr G

I believe the important concept here is that you got a mention in the esteemed but pointless journal that hardly anyone reads [ but managers].

The second issue is this, HSJ feels that " anyone can blog" and be popular. This isn't true of course but HSJ think it is really easy.

There is more to the art of blogging than they assume :)

There is a debate about doctors on the last post on http://www.nhsexposedblog.blogspot.com
Since we opened the comments section, there seems to be a war about doctors. Can one of you come and correct this public view?

Rita Pal
http://www.ward87.blogspot.com :)

Anonymous said...

Can one of you come and correct this public view?
The public must speak for themselves. Anybody who has been a medical student and been the fly-on-the-wall of countless doctor-patient encounters knows where the truth lies. Just telling people they have it wrong is not the way forward. They need to find out for themselves. Some people will always believe what they want to believe.

Doctors are actually appreciated by the public at large. They are trusted much more than most. But there are those out there that really do not like doctors. The nastiest I ever came across had been a medical student but never qualified. Perhaps there's a clue there.

While doctors have made some big mistakes in not challenging some of the assaults made on them, sometimes it's best to let things drop. Beware of the trolls.