31 August 2008

Spot diagnosis

This one is for everybody. You don't have to be a doctor apparently. Start with the photograph. If you can't do it watch the video.

With thanks to the Manchester Evening News.


Jobbing Doctor said...

The diagnosis is either congenital cataract or retinoblastoma. It is the latter as the light reflex is a white reflex.

JD had a case of this once. A three month old girl had just registered, and the mum said, can you look in her eyes - they look a bit white. The previous GP had said it was nothing. I was worried that it was bilateral retinoblastoma (and it was) and she would lose her sight (she had one eye removed).

She is now 16 and coping well.

It is very rare, and will be the only one that I will diagnose in my professional career. Unless I see a picture like this on the internet!

It is a lovely story and a credit to the lady who spotted it, and the internet.

Dr Grumble said...

Mrs Grumble got the diagnosis too - without her glasses.

sb said...

I picked this up in my son when he was a few weeks old. We went to see a non patient centred opthalmologist in Scotland, where we were living at the time, who told us it was either a retinoblastoma or coats disease. Fortunately, it turned out to be a congential cataract not that this is without it's difficulties either.

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