27 April 2008

Clostridium difficile

Above are the figures from death certificates (from England and Wales) which mention Clostridium difficile. That's the infection that's caused and spread by doctors. Certainly that's the bit the government would like the public to hear. Because, despite the government's best efforts, doctors are continuing to cause this infection to spread. What the government is less keen on telling you is that the problem is worse in England than in Wales. Below are the figures for 2004 (civil servants are a bit slow so these are the latest Dr G can find):


Certificates mentioning C. difficile

% change since 1999


Certificates mentioning C. difficile

% change since 1999

So there you have it. In England doctors are getting worse in spreading and causing infection. In Wales they are also getting worse but not nearly as quickly. Dr Monk, though, has another explanation.

This post was first published under the title England versus Wales on 11th November 2007. It has been republished now because tonight Panorama is going to address this topic.


jayann said...

(Re Monk) In 2006, the bed occupancy rate was 82.9. I doubt it has fallen since then.

jayann said...

(Occupancy rate in Wales.)

Anonymous said...

And in Maidstone the bed occupancy was 90%.