20 April 2008

New relevance to an old post

Dr Grumble does not read the newspapers that suggested that Mr Prescott was not as well endowed as his mistress might wish. He learnt about this story from Have I Got News For You and has subsequently discovered that the story had its roots in a blog. Perhaps alleging that the organ was the size of a cocktail sausage was a better story than suggesting it was the size of a knockwurst which if Allo Allo is to be believed is really quite big.

But the key question that interests Dr Grumble is whether or not this story has a possible medical basis. Well it does. Because Mr Prescott is somewhat portly and being portly can cause your penis to shrink or even vanish altogether.

The Prescott penis: a plausible tale.

Before any of Dr Grumble's fatter readers get too alarmed it should be pointed out that this phenomenon is potentially reversible. In fact the shrinking is really an illusion. It's not the penis itself that shrinks; it's still the same size but it gets lost in the fat. Go on a diet and the penis will magically get larger!

This post was first published on 6th May 2006 under the heading Cocktail Sausages and Mr Prescott. Today we learn the cause of the Prescott embonpoint.


Anonymous said...

The very thought of Mr Prescot's 'stuff', if existant, is nausiating Dr G! Please roll another post!


Dr Grumble said...

It's a fair point. It seemed highly topical yesterday morning when the Prescott revelations broke so that's why I dragged the post up from the archives. Incidentally it was the most popular Grumble post ever. Perhaps that's a reason for deleting it. It was written at a time that the blog had not found its real identity.