29 April 2008

George Monbiot

Dr Grumble has always maintained that if there were decent journalists out there he wouldn't need to blog. The problem has been that the journos just do not seem to know what is happening. Now he has found a decent journalist. His name: George Monbiot. Curiously, Mrs Grumble, who some may remember is an ecowarrior, is one of his great fans. Take a look at what Mrs Grumble's friend, George, has been telling the public about what is happening to our NHS:

When are the public going to wake up to all of this? Why is our government so misguided? Gordon Brown must be stark staring mad. Because when the public finally does wake up to this they are not going to like it one little bit. The government is in the process of digging its own grave. And, amazingly, they don't seem to realise. Mark the Grumble words.


Jobbing Doctor said...

Seems like you, me and the Brown Stuff have all seen this at the same time and have the same reaction.

Go, George, go and get 'em!

Anonymous said...

If any good is to be gained out of this mess is, as you say, 'the government is digging it's own grave!' ... and may the digging continue

Dr Grumble said...

An avalanche of bloggers have now latched on to the Monbiot article. And quite rightly so. Compared with all other journalists he has been way ahead of the game on this one.

Meanwhile the New Labour lemmings are dashing headlong for the cliff. It's really quite extraordinary. They seem oblivious to their fate.

DWMF said...

Are you serious about taking George Moonbat seriously?

He may well have made the correct diagnosis, but the cure he prescribes is totally wrong.

It seems to me that he has cunningly smelt the zeitgeist in the UK medical community. I'll give him that.

But if you think it's bad now, just wait for the totally sovietized model that Monbiot proposes.

The Labour party seem to have found an old dog-eared note in the Tory trousers about making the NHS pay its own way, at least partially. But being complete amateurs in running any sort of business, they have right royally cocked it all up.

If you want a proper model for de-nationalization, read the works of David King and Arthur Seldon, of the Institute of Economic Affairs.

If you're wanting to roll the clock back to 1945, that will also come to naught.