22 April 2008

Polyclinic Policy

Dr Grumble is trying to hold off from blogging but the latest polyclinic rumours do make it difficult. Two patients per polyclinic per day! Can it be true?


Anonymous said...

Please keep highlighting these Darziasters.

Anonymous said...

I see they expect to attract "clients" from Heathrow Airport though. I'll bet they'll be lots of marketing going on there.

My Black Cat thinks this says it all. Polyclinics are fundamentally for paying clients. The GP's bringing their patients with them enhance credibility, and hopefully will bring some paying clients too for a new carefully orchestrated market in healthcare.

Cats have a strange way of looking at things, for sure!

Anonymous said...

'Dr Grumble is trying to hold off from blogging'


Someone must've put a spell on you!


Jobbing Doctor said...

Blog on, mate.

I need to know that I am not on my own.