14 June 2009


Mrs Grumble asked if Dr Grumble had tried Bing. Of course, he has. She wanted to know if it is any good so Dr Grumble tried it with her. He entered her name, her real name. Mrs Grumble for some reason does not like searching under her real name. Dr Grumble found out why. She is a porn star! Probably Bing has some sort of safe search but Mrs Grumble was unimpressed. So Dr Grumble searched under his own name and found that it appeared next to that of Geoffrey Howe. Amazon has been reading Dr Grumble's posts about markets and he is ranked next to the former Chancellor in the product description of the Best Book on the Market. Let's hope any Chancellors reading the book read it as critically as Dr Grumble. Probably they don't. The book was very persuasive. But quite a lot about its worship of markets was rotten. Dr Grumble knew that at the time he first read the book. Now with the financial crisis the limitations of markets should be clear to all.

Perhaps Dr Grumble will use Bing again. Mrs Grumble may not. First impressions are important. Bing really should default to a safe search. Does Bill Gates read Dr Grumble? Probably not. But he just might. That's the wonder of the web.

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