19 June 2009

Don't panic

Dr Grumble has been away recently. It would be too identifying to tell you just where but it appears not to have been the most healthy of places.

Dear Dr Grumble,

We regret to have to inform you that you could be a contact case of a confirmed case of H1N1 flu, who attended the XXX meeting on XXX 2009 in XXXX.

In case of onset of fever during the next 7 days, please, contact a medical doctor or Hospital in your Country, to do laboratory test for influenza AH1N1, if needed, according to Public health measures of your Contry Regulation.

Thanks for the cooperation

Best regards,

Harbinger Doom

Dr Grumble is frequently in contact with all sorts of horrible germs so this email does not worry him at all. But if the posts dry up you will know why.


Anonymous said...

Lucky you, hopefully you'll get it while its still nonfatal and develop immunity,

Dr Grumble said...

This is quite a common view. Perhaps Dr Grumble should worry that he is still fighting fit.

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