15 September 2008

Dr Grumble's guilt

Dr Grumble feels an element of responsibility for Dr Scott. You see Doc G happened to see the original dnuk forum post which caused young Dr Scott to be suspended. When Dr Grumble saw what he had written he winced. He was gobsmacked. How could anybody be so foolish as to do such a thing? Did Dr Scott not realise that dnuk is festooned with elderly lurkers? Or did he just not care? Or had he had a drink or two before the scatological post?

With years come wisdom and responsibility. Dr Grumble's wisdom prevents him posting on dnuk. He knows how dangerous it is to reveal your views. There was a time when Dr Grumble suggested on his blog that some key figures involved in MMC and MTAS should consider their positions. Some of these have now resigned. Some have not. When Dr G realised that his identity was becoming known he decided to remove these old posts. Some may have thought that was an overreaction. Now though it is clear how wise that was. But Dr Grumble could have been wiser. When he saw Dr Scott's fateful post he should have acted. All that was needed was to press the forum abuse button and with luck the ferreting lurker out to stifle dissent would have been thwarted. But Dr G did nothing. Apologies Dr Scott. Dr Grumble is sorry. He too should have known better. So should the ferreting lurker.

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Garth Marenghi said...

I feel you have abused the word 'ferret' by associating it with the lurker in the final sentence of your piece!