13 September 2008

Radio 4 covers the saga of Dr Scott

You will be able to listen again for a while here.


Elaine said...

Sadly I am hard of hearing and can't hear the broadcast. Would a transcript be available anywhere?

Dr Grumble said...

There doesn't seem to be a transcript. You would think that the BBC should produce transcripts for people like you, Elaine. You haven't missed much though. The story will already be well known to you. The senior people involved who were asked to comment all declined so the BBC have found nothing new.

PhD scientist said...

Yes - rather uninformative. Since the major characters all declined to comment we were just left with the bloke from doctors.net.uk engaged in the time honoured activity that I would describe as "covering his a*se".

Though I don't think he will have won many points from many of the users of his forum.