08 September 2008

PCTs reject Darzi polyclinic model

When the government is hellbent on doing something the best you can do is ameliorate the situation. U-turns are not desirable in the world of politics. They make you look as if you have not thought things through properly. U-turns highlight when policy has been made on the hoof. They show up when you have taken advice from a surgeon when maybe a GP would have been a better person to ask.

If the government is heading off in the wrong direction, damage limitation is all you can do. And damage limitation appears to be what the London PCTs have done over Darzi clinics. Because none of the first wave of London's polyclinics will follow the original Darzi model. That anyway is the rumour.


madsadgirl said...

I really hope that you are right.

No One said...

i dont give a fuck what the model is i just want to be able to see a doctor when im sick, which is currently impossible in the nhs out of hours

on second thoughts i do give a fuck what the model is cos the status quo is not working and all those other western nations do it so much better, and none of them are using the techniques from behind the old iron curtain like the nhs is

Anonymous said...

fuck off to Sweden then no one you fucking prick!