13 September 2008

Hot tatties

There are some topics that are too hot for Dr Grumble. The unfortunate tale of Dr Scott is one. Dr Grumble has been described as 'weighing in on the issue' which is interesting as Dr Grumble has been very cautious on this topic. His 'weighing in' amounts to posting a picture of a national flag, a picture of some pieces of tartan and the banner of the Inverness Courier. Dr Grumble has been described as a well-mannered blogger. He is. Dr Grumble rarely loses his temper. When he does he always regrets it. It is always best to stay calm and argue your case carefully. That, undoubtedly, is the lesson to this whole sorry saga. Sometimes you can even achieve something by saying absolutely nothing. So who was it that described Dr Grumble as 'weighing in' on the topic of the poor Dr Scott? It was the BBC. Can you believe that? It's amazing the power of no words. And it is amazing the damage just one taboo word can do.

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Anonymous said...

After the whole Iraq war debacle you can't help feeling that the BBC is nervous of upsetting HMG. They are quite happy to make unverified comments about anyone else, however! Doctors (especially GPs) have been the on the receiving end of this, especially if the "facts" are supplied by Gordon and co.

You are in good company Dr G.