12 October 2008

£50 billion

The government is going to have to borrow up to £50 billion to support the UK banks in by far the greatest banking crisis Dr Grumble has lived through. That is a simply vast sum of money. But it is a simply vast crisis.

So compare the greatest banking crisis in recent history with the greatest computing crisis in history - Connecting for Health. How much is that going to cost? Can you believe up to £50 billion? Perhaps you can't. Just think of this. If we had not had Connecting for Health, health care now would be, well, much as it is. And we would have been left with enough money to bale out the banks in the greatest banking crisis we have known. How can this be? Who created this crisis of computing? How can 50 million health records be costing £50 billion? It cannot be.


Anonymous said...

mmm....CRAPITA....the very ones whose accounting arm gave such sound financial advice to local government and charities. Crapita have single handedly bankrupted the NHS, charities and local government.
What's their next job then?

Anonymous said...

Ta for the mention, Dr Grumble; have added you to my blogging list!

Dr Liz Miller said...

The UK is interesting

On the one had we have unbridled socialism - with the centralised control and planning of the NHS and all the corruption that goes with a totalitarian State.

On the other hand we have unbridled unregulated capitalism in the City of London, with less control and greater personal debt than the US.

Once this paradox was united by a strong social conscience. We are now in an era of unrestrained self interest. Unsurprisingly, the country is being torn asunder.