03 October 2008

Standing ovation for Donald Berwick

Who is Donald Berwick? And why the standing ovation? Donald Berwick is from the US and he has been talking to GPs. And they liked what he said. So you can conclude that he is probably not from one of those big US healthcare organisations that are continually lobbying politicians to persuade them that the only way of sorting out the NHS is to move to a more American system. It's odd that the politicians listen to these people because the American system has failed. But unfortunately they do. They don't seem to listen to people like Donald Berwick. But GPs do. And they gave him a standing ovation. Was anybody there? What did he say? Was it something like this?


madsadgirl said...

I suppose this must be considered yet another own goal by the government. The minister cries off at the last minute, the stand-in is listened to in silence, and the big round of applause is for the man who comes from the land of big business, the USA, who is a firm believer that we in Britain have got it right with the NHS, and that they in America have got it wrong. Could it be that Lord Darzi could not afford to be put into the embarrassing position of hearing that his plans to bring business into the NHS were wrong.

Dr Grumble said...

Quite so, madsadgirl. Quite so.