12 October 2008

Alan Johnson at the NHS Alliance 2008

Here is the speech made by Alan Johnson last year to the NHS Alliance. What do you think he will say to the assembled multitude in Bournemouth on Thursday?

Wasn't Bournemouth where Lord Darzi was booked for the GPs' conference? But he couldn't make it. He sent a video instead. That's understandable. He is busy.

It couldn't happen twice could it? No. It couldn't. Mr Johnson has a 45 minute slot. People would be disappointed. They might think he doesn't care. No. It couldn't happen twice. Not at the 'leading event for primary care.'


Anonymous said...

He came Dr Grumble. Give him some credit.

Dr Grumble said...

Alan Johnson did turn up. Apparently there was a widespread rumour he wasn't coming. Did this start with Dr Grumble? No. Grumble was tipped off. Was it the power of blogging that brought Alan to the conference? No. According to the NHS Alliance press office it was always an unfounded rumour.