03 October 2008

Sheinwald leak

If you are Britain's Ambassador in Washington one of your jobs is to brief the Prime Minister on American presidential candidates. You need to produce a frank pen picture. It's a bit embarrassing if it gets out. This time Barack Obama's pen picture has got out. Now why should that be of any interest to Dr Grumble? Well, the ambassador is Sir Nigel Sheinwald and Lady Sheinwald is a doctor. According the the newspapers she is an internationally renowned paediatrician. Dr Grumble thinks they just googled Dr Julia Dunne and guessed the rest. She always used to work in medicines regulation. Dr Grumble used to share his sandwiches with her alongside the tramps in a small London park in Vauxhall. It's strange how things change. Presumably Lady Dunne is now entertaining the great and the good in the British Embassy in Washington. No more sandwiches in the park. But Dr Grumble still eats his sandwiches in the park. Alongside the tramps.


Anonymous said...

Here another leak from the foreign office:

Lady Sheinwald (Dr Julia Dunne) is a physician with a career in government service where she has specialized in the review of new drugs and medicine for children. She was born in England and educated at St Hilda's College, Oxford where she obtained the first part of her medical degree and also met her future husband. Julia will be working in the office of Pediatric Therapeutics of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) during her stay in America. Julia and Nigel have three grown sons.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr Grumble
How nice to hear of you again. I'm so glad that St George's is treating you well. But when did you get to be so grumpy?
I haven't forgotten our sandwich lunches, but I tend to work through my lunch break now. I'm still at the MHRA, although seconded to the FDA. Let me know if you're coming to Washington and I'll find a park bench where we can reminisce.
Best wishes


PS Matthew sends his best wishes too.

Dr Grumble said...

How nice of you to comment, JD. You and MT clearly know Grumble's identity.

Sadly Dr Grumble is not planning any trips to Washington but if he does he will be sure to get in touch.