20 August 2008

Advice for Gordon 5

By the standards of today Dr Grumble is pretty left wing. But today even the Labour Party thinks socialism is a dirty word. Phrases like 'mixed economy' are no longer in anyone's political lexicon. With that introduction who would think that Dr Grumble might be thinking of turning to the Conservatives for political succour? But do you know, Gordon, they seem to be listening? Dr Grumble has seen David Cameron. He saw him on the march. He understood. And the opposition seem to have it right on polyclinics. The video says it all. Now why do you think that is, Gordon? Remember your reflective practice. No more mistakes. Please.

PS Things must have changed because the local Conservatives have the Grumble family down on their list of no-hopers. Dr Grumble knows that because that's what the Tory candidate said to him the last time he knocked on the Grumble door. But he did still knock. And he listened.


Jobbing Doctor said...

Dear Grumble,

I suppose I am also coming in at being more left=wing than the Government. I actually saw the Political Slot, and was somewhat reassured by it. Polyclinics are a bad idea, for sure, but worse is the aPMS programme of new private providers for Primary Care.

Asa seasoned observer of the political scene, oppostions will say anything to curry favour with the voters - but rarely change things when they get into power (rail privatisation is one of many things untouched despite promises)

Dr Grumble said...

- oppositions will say anything to curry favour with the voters -

Dr G has had the same concern. Many of those on dnuk pleading for a change of government either have short memories or are too young to remember the NHS under the other lot.

Actually it never used to be quite like this. One party believed in a leftish approach and the other a rightish. Now both just try and curry favour. Sometimes they shamelessly pinch the other side's ideas. That's why there is so little interest now in politics particularly amongst the young. Blair''s babes have no soul. Whether Tory or Nu Labour nobody speaks out. There are all so on message there is no real debate. Mavericks are silenced. It's like having one set of inexperienced managers with a skeleton plan pitching against another with the self same plan.

Leopards don't change their spots. Private providers for primary care sounds like a Tory policy which rather makes the Grumble point. And how do you argue against it. GPs are independent so why not privatise them? And, of course, the patient can shop around. What could possibly be wrong with that? Put like that you can see that within 10 years whoever is in power general practice will be privatised. There will be money in it for some doctors. Lots. But that is not what GPs are really about. Explaining to the ruling class the appallingly damaging effects on caring for the sick and elderly is something that the political class will not be able to grasp. Nor will they want to.

The jewel of the NHS crown is about to fall out of its socket.

Anonymous said...

i have the problem of having to live in parts of the country with crap GPs and no choice of GP, where serious issues out of hours have no cover unless they merit A & E, where the local trust can do any old crap and get away with it because the patients have no ability to take their business elsewhere

the communist model of health care is not working, and the politicians, senior docs, and others all pull strings to ensure they are more equal than others

really we need to look around at other developed countries with much better health care, where you are not expected to lie in a hospital bed 2 foot from the next patients bed, where you can walk out and go to any other hospital of your choice, where you can self refer to consultants, etc

the nhs is a shambles

its not a left/right argument, even the communist countries that are left dont aspire to an nhs model because they can see it doesnt work

the motivations and incentives for constant self improvement and optimising are not there in the nhs