01 October 2008

Friends in high places

The GPs are whinging again. About polyclinics. Who makes this accusation? None other than the Primary Care Czar. Is he out of touch? Does he actually do any general practice?

    • Does he really fail to understand the genuine concern about polyclinics?
    • Does he really think that all doctors are interested in is pay?
    • Does he really think that traditional general practice can survive unscathed if the government puts all the resources into Darzi clinics?

Is he loyal to traditional general practice? Or could his loyalty lie elsewhere? Who knows? Perhaps he believes what he says. It's possible.


Elaine said...

Well, if he is really out of touch, I suppose so.

Anonymous said...

If GPs offer 250 million annual consultations, I assume London's polyclinics will soon grow to the size of terminals 1,2,3,4, & 5 at Heathrow ?

Mind you, we are NOT going to have polyclinics outside London.

Everybody clear ?

madsadgirl said...

The man is completely off his trolley. The BMA would not have managed to get the support of so many patients if they (the patients) didn't think that polyclinics were a bad idea. And to make those comments to a room full of GPs just shows how completely out of touch he is with reality, when said GPs warned the government that the new contract in 2004 would mean worse care than was being provided at the time, but what can you expect from someone who has decided to stop being a doctor and become a politician's puppet instead.

Anonymous said...

It is odd that those in charge think that polyclinics are right for London when in London nobody has to go that far to a hospital. Does any of this make sense?

Anonymous said...

Not according to Drs Rant or Crippen, or Jobbing Doctor, anonymous - I have learnt to trust the views of these elder statesman far more than NuLab apologists like Dr Colin-Thome, or his robot loving partner, Lord Darzi.

The single most important reason the NHS achieved the outcomes it did for so long [despite decades of underfunding if we compare the UK to France, Germany, Switzerland and certainly the USA] was because of the incredible service provided by GPs.

Why on earth would any sane person want to meddle with this winning formula - I really don't understand it, and neither do many of my colleagues in A&E.